Creating Unique Products From Raw Materials

The ability to take an idea and make it a reality has become much easier with the introduction of modern equipment.  This equipment controlled by computers, lasers and other high-tech gear allow manufacturers to take a concept and turn it out in a few hours.  One of these machines that has become popular are industrial blending machines.

In order to create some of the materials we use to crate products such as plastics, foams and other materials, we need to be able to take base materials and combine them with a trigger material which changes the chemical makeup.  For example, to make a hard plastic several inert materials will be combined with colors to create the base.  Then when ready to inject the material into a mold a trigger chemical will be added setting off a chain reaction that makes the formable product.

industrial blending machines

When we blend materials together, we combine them into one.  With these machines the ability to crate massive amounts of material also allow for the rapid production of these product which in turn keeps the price down.

Anything can be blended together to form another product.  These can be food related, volatile chemicals for cleaning and construction projects, and much more. 

When working with mixed compounds it is important that you get the ratio correct. Too much or too little of a particular compound will result in an uneven mixture.  This goes for water and other liquid components and even dry material. 

When mixing these compounds together make sure that you do it in a slow and even manner.  The mixing process does take time and if not done correctly can add lumps, uneven pigment distribution, and even in some cases the chemical reaction will not fully take to the base material ruining your entire batch.